Digital Photographic Practice

Please note that I have moved my Digital Photographic Practice work from my first blog, as it was easier to keep the Art of Photography, and Digital Photographic Practice work, separately.

When I received the Digital Photographic Practice folder of work, I was excited to see what I would be studying and learning next. I realised that I would also be given a new tutor for this course. I now have Keith Roberts.

Looking through the work, I realised that this folder of work would help me learn about the more ‘Technical’ side of taking photographs, such as Editing, Histograms, Processing etc. I have some previous knowledge as I learnt this when I took photography at A-Level, however, I am always looking to gain more knowledge and experience, so I hope that this folder of work will be able to explain a few things more clearly to me, and I will be able to learn new techniques and a better understanding of the technical side to taking photographs.


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