Project: A Sequence of Actions

The idea of a workflow is relatively new in photography, and what has stimulated it is digital procedure. There are now far more steps in getting from the point of shooting to the final print or web gallery than there ever were even in film photography.

These ‘Steps’ need to be ordered. How this gets done depends on the type of photography you undertake, and on how you personally prefer to work.

At the heart of this idea, is that the photographer is in control of every aspect of this shooting process, from preparing to shoot, to presenting the finished images.

Especially important is the need to integrate the mechanical side of photography with the various procedures on the computer. Software is needed. Software requires you to learn a new set of skills in order to make the most effective use of it.

The various steps in a typical photographic workflow include:

  • Preparation: Check all of your equipment. Lenses, Fully charged batteries, Memory cards, Computer hard drive etc.
  • Camera Settings: White balance, ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed etc
  • Shooting: Location, Model if needed, Weather, Transport etc.
  • Uploading Images: Memory cards to the computer hard drive
  • Technical Check on your Images: Making sure they are all ‘Technically’ ok. Any images with outright mistakes to be deleted.
  • Ordering, Numbering, Naming the images
  • Editing: Edit the images which are technically correct
  • Choice: Choose the final selects of images ready for final processing.
  • Processing: Retouching etc
  • Archive, Save, Print

The above is not the necessary order in which to perform these actions. Customize your own workflow depending on how you like to work.


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