Tutor’s Feedback for OCA Learning Log, Part Two: Digital Image Qualities and Assignment Two: Seeing Like your Camera

I have included the feedback that I have received in regards to this assignment. I will make any changes to my work, and will update them at the bottom of the assignment.

Tutors Feedback:

Overall Comments

Many thanks for submitting this assignment Chantelle.

The key issues I mentioned within my last feedback report were as follows:

  • Try to keep an eye on the balance of practice to theory.
  • Try to consider more about ‘why’ the picture is taken as opposed to ‘how’.
  • Try to be a little more reflective within your assignment annotation, rather than just technical.
  • Explore the debate between Monochrome and Colour within your writings.
  • Create a new blog specifically for DPP module.
  • Try to visit as many Galleries / Exhibitions as possible and review them.
  • Look closely at the work of Cartier-Bresson / Koudelka.

It would be worth trying to respond to these issues through various blog posts now if possible, especially identifying an embedded link for the research into practitioners and exhibitions visited … which I note you have already done through your Art of photography blog.  It is good to see the new DPP blog established … It will take time to build this back up again …. But you already have the experience in addressing this.


Feedback on assignment

As a technical exercise I think this assignment was very useful to you and in relation to shooting abroad, I think this has added visual interest to the imagery as well.  Many of the assignments at this stage do expect a level of technique to be employed and this can often come at the expense of creativity and visual exploration … which I don’t think was necessarily the case with this assignment.

You manage to tick all the boxes in terms of what the assignment specifically required and I thought some of the images of the church interiors were really interesting.  I especially liked the shot of the candles at Duomo Cathedral in Milan, which must have been challenging in terms of low light.  You had composed this shot well and used differential focus with a band of sharpness through the centre of the shot, with both the foreground and background dropping out of focus.  As you mentioned, it was a shame you couldn’t have used a small mini pod for some of these interiors, in order to select a slower shutter speed and higher ISO rating.  Some of the pods you can pick up now are really quite robust for their size and might be a worthwhile investment for the future.

Weather conditions can really impact upon location based imagery, with some practitioners being very particular about when they will and will not photograph.  Have a look at the work of the German photographer Hilla & Bernd Becher …. They required very specific overcast conditions to shoot their typologies of industrial machinery over the years .. also employing very strict guideline in terms of composition etc.

I liked the two dappled light images from the Snuff Mills, but just wondered how well these fitted in with the series from abroad ?

Lastly, in relation to shade  …. I have included some of HCB’s images below as excellent examples of how shadow has been used to strengthen composition.

Learning Logs/Critical essays

Your submission demonstrates your engagement with the project tasks and also provides evidence of some good testing and research taking place on the blog.  It might also be worth having a quick look at these two students blogs listed below to see how they have gone about design and navigation etc.

Try to keep going on this and perhaps take a look at these two for some inspiration:



Suggested reading/viewing

Callaghan, H.2006:The Photographer at Work. New Haven, CT. Yale University Press

ISBN-13: 978-0300113327

Conclusions and targets for next assignment

I’d like you to take a look at the work of Harry Callaghan for the next assignment Chantelle.  I can’t stress how important it is, to be able to know as much as you can about the photographic practitioners who have influenced today’s photographers.  Callaghan has also done some interesting work in colour.

My comments:

‘I liked the two dappled light images from the Snuff Mills, but just wondered how well these fitted in with the series from abroad ?’

I have taken this feedback into consideration, and I have decided that these images do not go well together with the Italian church theme of photographs, therefore, I will be re-shooting these images, in churches or cathedrals over here in the UK.


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